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    17 benefits of using digital signage for internal communication

    By Oliver Candy | 09.11.15

    Digital signage is a great way to communicate with employees.  This is especially true if they are based in operational areas and have no easy access to a computer or email.  Staff who work nights may feel isolated and less engaged.  Organisations may be going through a management change or a shift in culture.  Here’s how using large display screens (digital signage) can help…

    1. Reinforce core values
    2. Communicate important corporate information
    3. Reinforce brand and corporate identity
    4. Reward employees with incentives
    5. Inform employees about corporate events
    6. Communicate health and safety information
    7. Share company success stories
    8. Nurture a team environment
    9. Communicate recognition of company and staff achievements
    10. Communicate with non desk based staff
    11. Reduce email clutter
    12. Save on printing costs
    13. Increase productivity
    14. Reduce staff turnover
    15. A faster way to reach employees
    16. Inspire and engage your workforce
    17. High visibility so produces great results
    Internal communications: digital signage

    Internal communications: digital signage

    To ensure that you get the most out of your digital signage system, screen placement is of the upmost importance.  Try to target high foot fall areas such as lift lobby areas (waiting for a lift is a great opportunity to check out on-screen content).  Entrances to the building where staff may be waiting or signing in are also a great catchment area.  Breakout areas, mess rooms and staff canteens often have a captive audience.

    In areas where staff relax, its a good idea to mix in content that employees would like to see – weather forecasts, travel, maybe a sport or news RSS feed.  Many of our customers will run a month long campaign asking what staff would like to see on screen (in addition to the organisational communications campaigns).