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    Corporate Digital Signage for Internal Communication

    Corporate Digital signage for internal communication will improve and and boost employee engagement and impove the flow of company information. Office Digital Signage will enhance your existing communication channels by reinforcing key messages in a visually engaging way.

    Used by the UK's Trusted Organisations

    Build a Dynamic Office with Digital Signage

    Get rid of idle posters and run-of-the-mill bulletin boards in your office. Invest in Sabercom’s corporate digital signage for Internal communication and make communications faster, more effective, and engaging.

    Through screensavers and corporate digital signage, you’ll disseminate important messages to employees on multiple sites, whether they’re desk-based or mobile strengthening your communication with remote workers or employees that don’t have easy access to email. 

    With Sabercom solutions, employees don’t have to check their emails for company announcements. They can read them on the digtial signage displays installed in the break room, cafeterias, hallways and reception areas. Moreover, all broadcasted content is managed in a single, easy-to-use platform. 

    Get an Employee Communication Solution

    Take full control of your internal communication with our solutions:

    • Digital Signage – Use corporate digital signage in different areas of your office to communicate messages and engage with employees.
    • Corporate Screensaver – Display communications to desk-based employees — both in your office and remote — with added functionalities like a scheduling system and targeted messaging.

    Disseminate Important Information

    Use office digital signage to broadcast urgent company announcements quickly.

    • Show company announcements, events, and news
    • Broadcast important updates in company practices
    • Display engaging content that will grab attention better than emails and texts
    • Install screens in strategic areas to maximise impact
    • Show weather reports, live news and even Twitter updates

    Drive Employee Engagement

    Increase motivation among your employees and keep them focused on team goals.

    • Recognise team and individual achievements
    • Broadcast incentives for outstanding performance
    • Give a shout-out to new hires
    • Promote participation in employee engagement activities
    • Reinforce your company’s core values
    • Share company success stories

    Keep Operations Transparent

    Increase visibility on your operations and enable employees to keep their fingers on the pulse of the company.

    • Display KPIs and relevant metrics
    • Show important timelines and schedules
    • Broadcast how far the teams are from goals
    • Announce performance milestones


    Reduce the Risk of Accidents

    • Use Sabercon’s corporate digital signage to improve the health and safety.
    • Broadcast up-to-date health and safety practices and training material.
    • Announce any changes in the company’s health and safety protocols
    • Send emergency alerts at the right moment
    • Remind everyone of evacuation procedures and safety guides

    Broadcast Tailored Content

    Sabercom allows you to tailor the content to specific audiences and send departmental messages. For instance, you can broadcast, all at once:

    • Welcome videos at the reception area
    • Live news and weather reports at the hallways
    • KPIs and schedules near the office desks
    • Menu boards at the cafeteria

    Enjoy a Turnkey Solution

    Get a software-only solution. If your office has screens in strategic locations, Sabercom can provide software only in the form of our corporate screensaver or corporate digital signage for internal communication.

    Get a complete solution. If you need both hardware and software solutions, Sabercom provides a complete installation package. We procure hardware, install the software and set up your new internal comms system.

    Digtial Signage for Internal Communication

    Our digital signage for internal communication allows you to display information to your employees quickly and easily.  From your desk, you can send company information across screens in various departments and different sites.

    Communications content can be scheduled for different times of the day and centralised control of the content keeps communications relevant and timely.

    Digital Signage for Employee Communications

    Office Digital signage is a great way to communicate with employees. This is especially true if they are based in operational areas and do not have easy access to a computer or email. 

    See It in Action

    Contact our specialists to discover how digital signage or screensaver solutions work for your office.
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    Get Outstanding Support from Sabercom

    • Enjoy unlimited training and personalised support for your digital signage or corporate screensavers
    • Tailored advice from the Sabercom team, who have over 10 years of experience in multimedia communication platforms
    • Receive assistance from professionals who understand internal communication

    Let's Talk about Your Screens

    Send us a pricing enquiry about our corporate digital signage solutions. Or request a demo to see how it works.


      Orange Megaphone

      The Case for Success in Digtial Signage for Internal Communication

      Learn how Metroline, a well-known transport company serving London (one of the world’s busiest cities), amplified their internal communications despite employees who are always on the move and have irregular shift patterns. 


      Yes, Our team of UK installers can install screens in your chosen areas and ensure the whole solution is up and running from day one.

      Yes, Sabercom will work with you to design and create a template to fit your companies brand.

      Sabercom offer unlimited web based training and can provide ongoing telephone and email support!