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    Powerful Digital Signage for Manufacturing Plants

    Communicate with a mobile workforce and broadcast tailored messages to the entire facility. Request a demo for our digital signage software for factories.

    Used by the Largest Manufacturing Facilities in the UK

    Boost Productivity with Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

    From company announcements to live metrics to schedules, Sabercom solutions enable you to quickly send information to the mobile workforce of your manufacturing plant. They will still see your powerful messages through screens installed in the facility.

    Our manufacturing digital signage solutions improve internal communications, reduce the risk of workplace incidents, facilitate emergency protocols, and drive employee engagement across the entire plant. Content is managed in a single location through an easy-to-use platform.

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    Communicate Effectively

    Give your team visibility on information relevant to your production lines. Provide real-time insight to help your workers achieve targets on time.

    Sabercom’s digital signage for manufacturing plants enables you to communicate:

    • KPIs and Daily Production Targets
    • New Project Launches and Progress
    • Schedules
    • Rota, Shift Schedule and Overtime Opportunities
    • News and Weather Reports

    Reduce the Risk of Accidents

    Give the right safety messages promptly. Display your factory’s:

    • Updated Health and Safety Protocols
    • Rostered First Aid and Fire Wardens

    In case of emergencies, use your digital signage to communicate:

    • Emergency Alerts
    • Evacuation Procedures
    • Safety Guides

    Drive Employee Engagement

    Keep your mobile workforce motivated and acknowledge outstanding performance by your team. Use Sabercom solutions to broadcast:

    • Team and Individual Achievements
    • Company Milestones
    • New Hires
    • Winners of Company Contests

    Enjoy Ease of Use

    Our digital signage solutions for factories have user-friendly features.

    • Use the drag-and-drop layout designer
    • Store unlimited templates for your screen designs
    • Build a Media Library with filters for easy content search

    Broadcast Tailored Content

    • Schedule different content for different screens. Sabercom enables you to display different content for different screens. Show live production stats on screens on the factory floor, but show menu boards in the cafeteria and hygiene protocols in sanitation areas.

    • Use the Split-Screen feature to maximise screentime. Show weather reports on one side and live metrics on the other. Use a split-screen to provide company announcements while displaying production schedules.

    Get a Turnkey Solution

    Sabercom offers a complete digital signage installation package, which includes the screens, PPC, and the Sabercom digital signage software for the manufacturing facility.

    If your manufacturing plant or factory already has screens, Sabercom provides a software-only solution. It’s scalable, so it can accommodate more screens as your facility grows.

    Engage Desk-Based Workers and Visitors, Too

    Sabercom’s Corporate Screensaver solution enables content management and targeted messaging to your desk-based workers.

    Meanwhile, our Reception Screens deliver a professional and company-centric solution for the first point of contact—a dynamic way to welcome clients, visitors, and other stakeholders.

    See It in Action

    Contact our UK experts to discover how digital signage works for your office or facility.
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    Enjoy Excellent Support from Sabercom

    • Receive unlimited training and personalised support from the Sabercom team
    • Get specialist advice from a provider with over 10 years of experience in multimedia communications tools
    • Receive assistance from experts who are well-versed in the digital signage solutions needed by a manufacturing facility in the UK

    Let's Talk about Your Screens

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      The Case for Success in Manufacturing

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      Yes. Sabercom will work with you to design and create a template to fit your companies brand.
      Yes. Our team of UK installers can install screens in your chosen areas and ensure the whole solution is up and running from day one.
      Sabercom offer unlimited web based training and can provide ongoing telephone and email support