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    Powerful Corporate Screensaver Software

    Use Sabercom’s corporate screensaver software to turn idle screens into impactful platforms for internal communication. Every employee will see your messages, in the office or at home. Schedule images, video, scrolling ticker text and more via our easy to use CMS.  Pricing starts from as little as £0.85 per employee.

    Used by Trusted Organisations Worldwide!

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    Multifunctional Communications Screensaver

    Sabercom’s corporate screensaver solution is no ordinary screensaver. Its functionality allows you to communicate with every employee:

    • Content Management. Broadcast important messages on the screens of your desk-based workforce.
    • Targeted Messaging. Display departmental messages to specific groups of employees.
    • Interactive Links. Post links that take readers directly to web and intranet pages.
    • Scheduling System. Pre-program the content that your employees will see.

    Make the most of your idle screens. Request a demo today.

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    Leverage a Stand-Alone Communications Channel

    Your corporate screensaver delivers important internal communication messages effectively and at a time when employees are not busy with work.. Even if your employees don’t check their emails regularly, they will see your corporate screensaver messages when returning to their desks.

    Use your company screensaver to:

    • Announce company events
    • Broadcast important corporate information and updates
    • Communicate health and safety protocols
    • Share success stories and milestones
    • Recognise outstanding team and employee performance
    • Reinforce brand identity
    • Reinforce the company’s core values
    • Communicate IT security and service status messages

    Publish Interactive Screensaver Content

    Using Sabercom’s company screensaver solutions, you can display different media. Show one message at a time or split the screen into regions to show different types of content all at once.

    • Images and Photos
    • HD Video
    • Audio – Web Radio
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Data, Excel, SQL, Stats and KPIs
    • Web & Intranet Pages
    • RSS Feeds
    • Scrolling text
    • Embedded HTML
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    Boost Campaign Visibility, even among Remote Workers

    As employees lock their screens for a break or return to their desks, they will see—and interact — with your communications. Sabercom’s corporate screensaver software guarantees 100% visibility of any message, even among employees who work remotely or at home.

    Broadcast content effectively across a large workforce in multiple locations, all at once. 

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    Enjoy Easy Content Management

    The content for your corporate screensaver is managed in a single, easy-to-use platform. Change the corporate screensaver using Sabercom’s web-based content management system. The updates automatically show up the next time the screensaver starts.

    Content creation is quick and easy. Sabercom’s content management platform features:

    • A Media Library with filter for easy search
    • A Drag-and-Drop template designer
    • Template creation for frequently used screen designs
    • Full 24/7/365 content scheduling system

    Diverse Industry Applications in the UK

    See It in Action

    Get in touch with Sabercom specialists to see how our corporate screensaver software will work for your company.

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    The Sabercom Difference

    • Experienced Provider. Sabercom has over a decade of experience in providing corporate screensaver solutions for internal communication.
    • Scalable Systems. Sabercom’s corporate screensaver software is scalable, so you may accommodate more screens as your workforce grows.
    • Proven Reliability. The UK’s trusted brands use Sabercom screensavers to implement their internal communications campaigns.
    • Excellent Support. You receive unlimited training and personalised support from Sabercom.
    • Anywhere in the world. Sabercom serves companies across the entire UK and rest of the world
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    Case Study: Screensavers for Hospitals

    Find out how the Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts used Sabercom’s corporate screensaver solutions to drive internal communication campaigns and bring information directly to their employees. 

    Let's Discuss Your Screensaver

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