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Corporate Screensaver

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Make the most of unused PC screens – Sabercom’s corporate screensaver is a great way to communicate with desk based employees. With tens of thousands running across organisations and hospitals, our corporate screensaver allows you to display communications to all employees.  Our corporate screensaver software works in the same way as any ordinary PC screensaver, but with the added functionality of content management, targeted messaging and a full scheduling system.  Our screensaver is a great way to communicate with employees on the move as they return to their desks.

Effective Communications Channel

Sabercom’s corporate screensaver is an internal communications channel that runs outside the usual email traffic. A powerful way to raise awareness and communicate campaigns.

100% Visibility

In a room full of PCs there will always be screens in screensaver mode. You are guaranteed 100% visibility of any messages. With this level of exposure the Sabercom corporate screensaver is an integral part of your internal communication programme.

Dynamic Content

Means you decide what is shown on employees PCs with a mix of content that can include intranet and web links, PowerPoint, images and scrolling text.

Fully Interactive

All browser links can be clicked to take readers directly to web and intranet pages for more information.

Content Management

Content can be updated by anyone using our web based content management system and all updates are automatically shown on employees PCs when the screensaver next starts.

Targeted Distribution

If you have specific content for different departments it can be pushed to the targeted audience across multiple sites.

Simple Installation

Minimal input required by your IT department. A one time roll out of the screensaver makes implementation easy.

Cost Effective

Method of reaching all employees. Save on print and cut down on email traffic.


Content Creation

  • Media Library with filter and search facility
  • Drag and drop template designer
  • Split screen design with room for any number of areas with different content
  • Scrolling text
  • Create your own templates for frequently used screen designs
  • Full 24×7, 365 day content Scheduling system


  • Images and Photos
  • HD Video
  • Audio – Web Radio
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Flash
  • Web & Intranet Pages
  • RSS Feeds
  • Scrolling text
  • Embedded HTML

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