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    Digtal Signage Solutions UK

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    Engage Everyone

    From desk-based workers to remote employees to the mobile workforce, Sabercom delivers flexible, seamless communications solutions to drive engagement. Whether you’re a small office or a large enterprise with multiple locations, you have a quick way to deliver crucial messages to your entire workforce.

    Connect with our corporate screensaver and digital signage specialists today.

    Our Capabilities

    Digital Signage

    Experience powerful information dissemination with Sabercom’s digital signage. Broadcast crucial, up-to-the-minute information onto the screens installed around your office or facility. Using a user-friendly content management system, you’ll quickly relay your message to the employees, clients, patients or visitors.

    Display company announcements, KPIs, health and safety protocols, live news, weather reports, employee recognition and other vital information with the push of a button.

    Corporate Screensaver

    This is not your ordinary screensaver. It’s a rich, internal communications tool that’s more engaging than emails. Sabercom’s corporate screensaver software enables you to broadcast important messages to your desk-based employees.

    Send targeted messages to specific departments and post interactive links that take employees to web or intranet pages. Use the scheduling system to plan the content that your workforce will see.

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    Turnkey, Scalable Solutions

    Our digital signage solutions company accommodates different levels of need.

    • Software-Only Package. If you already have screens in place, Sabercom will provide the digital signage or corporate screensaver software.
    • Complete Installation Package. As a turnkey solution, it includes all the hardware and software you need for digital signage or a corporate screensaver.

    Sabercom solutions are scalable. You may add more screens to the system as your workforce grows.

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    Diverse Industry Applications in the UK

    Enjoy Ease of Use

    Sabercom solutions come with training, but the content management system is easy to use. It features:

    • Drag-and-drop layout designer
    • Unlimited templates for screen designs
    • A Media Library with filter and search facility
    • 24/7/365 content scheduling
    • Display Images, Videos, Live news, Weather, Travel, RSS Feeds, Countdown timers, clocks, Text, Web pages
    • Integrate with Power BI, Excel, Telephony systems, Intranet pages, SharePoint, Databases.
    • Communicate company information, Internal Communications, Live Data and Statistics, Product launches, Important Events, Health and safety information. Welcome visitors in reception areas.

    See It in Action

    Reach out to our experts to see how our electronic signage or corporate screensaver works.

    The Sabercom Difference

    • Choose an Experienced Provider. Sabercom has over 10 years of experience in providing digital signage solutions and corporate screensavers to UK businesses.
    • Enjoy UK-Wide Installation. We serve offices, factories, schools, medical offices and other organisations across the entire UK.
    • Get Extensive Support. Our clients get unlimited training and personalised support from our team.
    • Proven Reliability. Our software and services have been used by the most trusted companies in the UK.
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    The Case for Success

    Discover how brands in different industries leveraged Sabercom Digital Signage solutions to power through their unique communication challenges.

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