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Social Distancing & Covid-19 Communications

To help businesses and organisations combat the communication challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have two employee communication channels that can reconnect employees with the new normal.

Many employees have been at home for months and are eager to get back to the work environment. Sabercom is a great way to communicate and inform staff of new working protocols, government guidelines, important hygiene and social distancing messages.

At work Digital Signage


Digital Signage Screens can be updated daily in line with the changing situation. Keep employees informed, safe and compliant.

Contact us now to find out how you can use large TV screens to inform and engage with your workforce.

Home working Screensaver


Employees working from home for months can feel disengaged from the work environment.  Lack of contact can make employees feel isolated.

Sabercom’s Screensaver is a proven tool that can rebuild and reinforce company culture.

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