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    Reception Area Digital Signage

    Looking to welcome visitors with branded company information along with live news or travel information on a TV screen in your company reception or waiting room? You need reception area digital signage and you’ve come to the right place! We offer an easy-to-use, low-cost solution for digital signage in your reception area or lobby.  Contact us now and we can arrange a time to demonstrate our reception screen solution.


    Waiting Room Digital Signage Displays

    We create customised content to help you bring critical messages to your clients. Using our easy content management system, you can display vital information when and where you need it.


    Used by the UK’s Trusted Organisations

    Used by Established Companies in the UK

    Tailored for you

    With Sabercom’s reception screen area digital signage software, you don’t have to be stuck with the same TV news channel. You can move the TV channel to one side and add in images, PowerPoint presentations, videos and visitor welcome messages, all from your own PC.

    Excellent marketing

    A combination of compelling and eye-catching information makes a screen in your reception or waiting room the first point of contact. Great for employee announcements as they walk through the door, and an excellent marketing opportunity for welcoming visitors.

    Complete package

    If you don’t already have a screen in your reception area, Sabercom offer a complete installation package that includes a screen, media player and pre-installed Sabercom digital signage software.  We offer screen installation and will train and support you with using the software.

    Our reception area digital signage can also be the basis for a company-wide digital signage solution, linking floors, departments, buildings, and even countries with targeted, engaging, brand compliant information.

    Brand consistency

    Your company logo, corporate colours and identity can form the basis for your reception display.

    Live news RSS feeds, a clock, the weather, a welcome message and company information can all be scheduled to appear at different times of the day.

    Unlimited templates allow you to show as many messages on the reception screen as you like.  Our easy to use solution allows you to drag and drop new content onto the screen for instant changes.

    Content Creation

    • Media Library with filter and search facility
    • Drag and drop template designer – Unlimited templates
    • Split screen design with room for any number of areas with different content
    • Scrolling text
    • Template creation for frequently used screen designs
    • Formatting tool for RSS Feeds
    • Full Scheduling system

    Content & Media

    • Images and Photos
    • HD Video
    • Audio – Web Radio
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Flash
    • Web & Intranet Pages
    • RSS Feeds
    • Scrolling text
    • Embedded HTML
    • Twitter
    • YouTube

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