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    Corporate Screensaver as Digital Signage?

    By Sabercom | 20.11.12

    A corporate screensaver is an internal communication channel that runs outside of the usual email traffic. A powerful way to raise awareness and communicate campaigns. Every PC has a screen already attached, so why not make use of this existing network of screens – more cost effective then a full blown digital signage solution.

    We have installed our corporate screensaver across over 2000 screens at an NHS hospital in South Staffs.

    With staff at the hospital constantly on the go, the screensaver ensures that communications never go unnoticed.

    We worked closely (and continue to do so) with the NHS Hospital to specify and install their corporate screen saver solution. The screensaver allows communication managers to drive communication campaigns and corporate information directly to the desktops of employees.

    The screensaver works in the same way as any ordinary screensaver with the exception that information is taken directly from Sabercom’s easy to use screensaver designer tool. The contents of the screensaver can easily be updated from one central location and information can be scheduled for certain times of day or days of the week. This is great as it means IT only need to deploy the screensaver software once and all updates can be easily made by the internal comms team.