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    Healthcare Digital Signage

    Sabercom are experts in helping hospitals successfully deliver patient and staff information on screen across multiple sites in the form of our healthcare screensaver & digital signage solutions.

    Our employee screensaver and digital signage is running on thousands of PCs and screens, including over 20,000 in NHS Trusts.  Its easy to use and a great way to push important legislative, hygiene and company information directly to the desks of all employees.


    Sabercom’s healthcare screensaver is a great way to communicate with hospital staff. Our screensaver works in the same way as any ordinary PC screensaver, but with the added functionality of content management, targeted messaging and interactive web links.

    We help our customers to create a more effective communication experience for clinicians, nurses and administrative staff through a solution that encourages and supports succinct, timely and relevant information.

    Healthcare providers are using Sabercom to support a wide range of service improvement initiatives, highlight and reinforce compliance procedures, changes in legislation, new application launches and departmental fund raising campaigns.

    Our Healthcare case study can be downloaded to show you how an NHS Trust is using the screensaver.

    Digital Signage

    Using large display screens in the main entrance and waiting rooms, digital signage is a great way to inform, educate and notify hospital patients and visitors.

    Digital signage helps to enhance patient and visitor experience, great for Heath education and way-finding.


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