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    Impactful Healthcare Digital Signage Solutions

    Share health-related information efficiently with your staff and patients. Request a demo for digital signage solutions for healthcare facilities today.

    Used by the UK's Trusted Organisations

    Used by Trusted Healthcare Facilities in the UK

    Build a Better Healthcare Environment

    Improve the patient experience and the work environment of your staff with Sabercom’s medical digital signage. Designed for healthcare facilities, the software enables you to disseminate accurate and updated healthcare information to everyone in the facility.

    The digital signage cuts through the noise and improves communications in your busy environment. Plus, all content that’s broadcasted on the screens is managed in a single, easy-to-use platform.

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    Improve Patient Communications

    Use Sabercom’s digital signage solution to improve patient communications in your healthcare facility

    • Display videos in waiting rooms to decrease the perceived waiting time
    • Broadcast health and safety protocols to keep patients safe
    • Show wayfinding signs to guide new patients and visitors
    • Deliver real-time updates for patients

    Boost Visibility

    Give your staff visibility on the daily operation and schedules in the medical office.

    • Announce any change in your facility’s healthcare practices
    • Keep the entire staff in the loop for company events
    • Broadcast company news and milestones

    Make News Feeds More Engaging

    Instead of using run-of-the-mill posters and idle signs, use Sabercom’s medical digital signage to make announcements more dynamic.

    • Mix media formats — use text, videos, news feeds, and even Twitter updates
    • Provide up-to-date information from the NHS or local authorities
    • Display live news and weather reports

    Send Prompt Emergency Alerts

    In case of emergency, use the signage to send emergency messages across the entire facility.

    • Announce emergency alerts to the right departments
    • Remind everyone of evacuation procedures
    • Display safety guides for patients and visitors

    Broadcast Tailored Content

    • Display different content for different screens.  With our medical digital signage, you may display different announcements to different screens. Broadcast patient lists on the waiting rooms and show company bulletins in the nurses’ station.
    • Use Split-Screen to make the most of the signage. You may, for instance, broadcast COVID-19 news while keeping the patient list on display.

    Get a Turnkey Solution

    Sabercom offers different packages depending on your needs:

    • Software-Only Package. If you already have screens, Sabercom will install the digital signage software for your medical office.
    • Complete Installation Package. Sabercom provides a turnkey solution, which includes both hardware and software

    Enjoy Ease of Use

    Sabercom’s solution is user-friendly—even for those who haven’t used digital signage software before. 

    • The layout has a drag-and-drop feature
    • You can store unlimited templates for screen designs
    • The Media Library has filters to make searching easier

    See It in Action

    Get in touch with our specialists to see how digital signage works for your medical office.
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    Get Excellent Support from Sabercom

    • Enjoy personalised support and unlimited training from Sabercom
    • Receive specialist advice from a team with over a decade of experience in multimedia communications for a workplace
    • Get guidance from experts who are seasoned in digital signage solutions needed by medical offices across the UK

    Let's Talk about Your Screens

    Send us an enquiry about pricing or schedule a demo to see how Sabercom will improve communications at your healthcare facility.


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      The Case for Success in Healthcare

      Find out how the Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust used Sabercom to improve internal communications with over 2500 PC users in four different sites.


      No, we don’t. Sabercom provides solutions for internal communications—we don’t install outdoor signage for a medical office.
      Unfortunately, we don’t. But we deliver a complete system, which includes the hardware and digital signage software.