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    Communicating With A Mobile Workforce

    By Sabercom | 03.03.11

    Communicating with a mobile workforce presents considerable challenges to any Internal Communications Team. Usual internal communication methods don’t always work – employees that are non desk-based are unable to access email, or the Intranet. Jive, Yammer, twitter and social networking are unable to form part of their communications strategy.

    Employees based in factories, pharmaceutical plants or warehouses require alternative methods of engagement.

    Sabercom offer software solutions that are powerful communication channels that can be used to target messaging across an organisation, irrespective of size. There is the flexibility to manage local content on LCD/Plasma and desktop PCs alongside company wide information across multiple sites.

    Sabercom digital signage allows the Internal Communications team to have access to a company wide information channel that can show brand compliant content in lobbies, meeting rooms, reception areas and be a resource for employees to communicate with each other.

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