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    Why use digital signage for campus communication?

    By Oliver Candy | 22.10.18

    My student days are long gone, but what I do remember is spending much of my day moving around the university campus between seminars and practical workshops without so much as a single moment spare to sit down at a computer to check email.   Yes, we now have smartphones, but it’s incredibly easy to ignore plain text often impersonalised emails that have been sent to everyone and their dog!

    The student union was wallpapered with posters –  I shudder to think of the print costs – and there was always someone walking around with a bag of scrolls ready to be rolled out and stuck to the walls.

    The digital age is now in full swing, and I can see no better way of communicating with 16-Twenty somethings then via the use of large display screens.  Well placed digital signage screens, will be able to capture a wider audience than any other cross campus communication method.  The great thing about using screens, is that the content can be split up into different areas, so viewers can be lured in by displaying social events next to the important message you are trying to communicate.

    The other great thing about digital signage its flexibility.  It’s so easy to interrupt the daily schedule of content to relay important messages, timetable changes or throw promotional material or night class information up on screen out of hours. The screens can even be used for wayfinding on open days.

    Never again will you see out of date posters or notices stuck to the walls.  A good Digital signage solution will enable to you set an expiry date and time on the content you publish.  If an open day finishes 8pm on a Friday night, come Monday morning, the screens will automatically be showing the information they should be showing.

    Several Sabercom educational customers have screens on trolleys.  These can be positioned anywhere within the college and a frequently moved between exam rooms for timing and important information, the theatre for production use and the main entrance for wayfinding.

    Here are some other benefits, excuse the list format…

    Highlighting school, college or university or student achievements

    Canteen menus & promoting healthy eating

    Sporting events & team achievements

    Emergency information

    Timetable changes

    Open evening & promotional material

    And if you need any more persuading that digital signage is the way forward, download our case study here: