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    Digital signage solution installed at 2015 Bakery manufacturing company of the year

    By Sabercom | 10.11.15

    Sabercom, who provide digital signage and visual communications software, announced today that they have installed a network of hosted digital signage screens across 13 food manufacturing factories owned by one of the UK’s top food manufacturers and distributors. Their food is so popular, you’ll find it in an amazing 96% of British households.

    With 13 locations across the country and around 4000 employees, our client had a clear need to find a method of communication what could reach non desk based staff working 24 x 7 shift patterns.

    We supplied a digital signage solution easily manageable by the communications team (via a web browser) to enable them to send out graphical and engaging messages to all 13 sites. Branded company information, health and safety messages and product video adverts are displayed on the screens and different information can be scheduled to each location.

    Sabercom host the server in their secure data center meaning a worry and trouble free operating environment.

    With Sabercom’s permission based scheduling system, there are plans to roll the system out to give screen access to local users at each of the 13 sites.

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