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Integrating with existing systems

By Sabercom | 14.07.11

With the explosion of social media, our customers are looking to integrate their digital signage systems with existing systems and social media.

1. Twitter – Twitter feeds or hashtags can be used to embed a real-time twitter feed directly onto a web page or digital signage display.

2. SharePoint – Templates can be created for SharePoint with larger sized fonts being Key for integration with a corporate digital signage system. SharePoint RSS Feeds can be created and then formatted using the Sabercom administrator.

3. Building management – Sabercom has recently been integrated with a customers fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, each screen will display the fastest route out of the building.

4. Telephony systems – The Sabercom team have extracted data and display call centre statistics at several large contact centres including Coca-Cola Enterprises and Atos Origin

5. Intranet – Sabercom can display intranet pages or embed HTML directly into a screen design.