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    National Air Traffic Control uses Sabercom digital signage for internal communication

    By Sabercom | 05.05.16

    NATS, a global leader in air traffic control, operates from two centres at Swanwick in Hampshire, England and Prestwick in Ayrshire, Scotland. They control air traffic movements over England, Wales and Scotland, safely managing over 5000 flights a day traveling through UK airspace.

    NATS operates 365 days a year with over 4000 staff. Due to a 24/7 shift pattern spread across a number of remote sites and airports, employee communication can pose a real challenge. The control centres are a labyrinth of buildings, connecting bridges and corridors.

    Sabercom installed internal communication screens at 9 Airport Control Towers, and at each of the three Control Centres to ensure that employees across the country are kept up to date with the latest corporate and operational updates. This includes centrally managed communications messages, along with NATS Values & Purpose, links to surveys and podcasts, daily events for each location, local traffic and weather feeds.

    Locating Sabercom internal communication screens in major thoroughfares ensured that the communication messages could not be missed. The multimedia content on each screen can be tailored for each location with instant business updates pushed out using the scrolling ticker text via Sabercom’s easy to use content management system. Different levels of user access were set up to allow overall control by the Internal Communications team and individual screen control by each Control Tower and Control Centre business group leader.

    “The Sabercom digital signage is a great communications channel, it allows us to keep our diverse range of employees, who work across of number of different sites in our 24/7 business, up to date with the latest company news. The flexibility in the system allows us to easily schedule company wide messages, alongside more site specific stories. We can also use a great variety of media to keep the screens engaging. The Sabercom team have also been great with help and support in getting the system up and running in our complex IS environment.” Kirsty Paginton, HR Communications, NATS

    Sabercom provide on-screen communication systems including desktop screen savers and large enterprise digital signage networks for multimedia messaging across multiple sites.

    A great way to communicate important corporate information to non-desk based staff while reinforcing brand and corporate identity. Ideal for communicating health and safety information and nurturing a team environment with the added benefit of saving on print costs.

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