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    NHS Communication screensaver now being used by hospitals across five NHS Trusts on over 15,000 PCs

    By Sabercom | 16.10.15

    Our communication screensaver is being used by hospitals across five NHS Trusts.

    Success in achieving organisational change depends to a large extent on having a committed and engaged workforce, especially in a labour-intensive public service such as healthcare. To achieve this goal requires first-rate and timely communications within the organisation.

    The Sabercom communication screensaver allows Communication and Staff Engagement teams to send out graphical impactful messages to every PC within a matter of minutes. Different messages can be sent to different departments within the hospital, ensuring that messages are relevant to the staff in each department.

    Users of the solution can specify a time for messages to expire, which means out of date communications never appear on staff screens – something that cannot be avoided with traditional communications methods such as print. The government has challenged the NHS to be paperless by 2018 and Sabercom’s screensaver is a step towards this goal.