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    What are the Sabercom Alternatives?

    By Martin Brown | 29.06.21

    There are many Digital signage software providers. But what are the Sabercom Alternatives.

    If you just want to show a menu for a take away, restaurant or fast food chain then you can go for the simple option of a TV screen (pretty much anything from your local TV store will do).  Save your menu as an image, and put it onto a USB stick. Plug it into the back of the TV, switch it on and your images will be shown full screen.

    However, if you want to show more than just bog standard static full-screen images then you can use something like Sabercom Digital Signage. A professional tool that enables you to create, schedule and display multimedia content on a single screen to multiple screens at different locations.

    From your desk you can decide what content you want to show on each screen and for how long. You can override the schedule for any instant messaging, and update screens on the fly.

    When you buy software that has been developed by digital signage professionals you have access to a complete personalised service from software installation and configuration to all year round email and telephone support.

    All inclusive pricing means you get all the features that others charge out as extras for a one off cost. Your only annual recurring cost is a minimal support charge. This ensures you get any software updates and access to the latest tips and features.  The support includes extra training and assistance with content creation.

    For help with choosing the right digital signage solution to suit your organisation, see our comprehensive guide to digital signage solutions .