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    Sabercom deploy wireless digital signage into industrial environment of a major London Railway Depot

    By Sabercom | 24.03.14

    Sabercom, a UK based digital signage company has broken new ground in digital signage provision with a unique wireless-only installation at a major industrial site in the capital.

    The challenges were significant.

    A non-deskbound staff working 24/7 shifts in four separate buildings on a site with multiple railway lines and live overhead cables meant the traditional hardwired LAN option was not possible.

    The solution was a wireless LAN using Point to Point through LOS (Line of Sight) technology linking the four buildings and seven 55” LG screens.

    Each screen has a PC connected to a central server with internet access. Users can access Sabercom from their desk though a web browser and manage the content for each of the different buildings and their respective audiences.

    With the system Sabercom has provided the management team with an effective digital signage platform for broadcasting an attention-grabbing mix of content that includes:

    ·  Health and safety videos
    ·  Rolling stock launches
    ·  Live news
    ·  Corporate information
    ·  Site specific updates

    The wireless network also gives the train company the flexibility to expand the system as the site is redeveloped to meet the requirements of a major new Crossrail contract.

    Martin Brown, Sabercom Operations Director, said: “This project provided Sabercom with several unique technical challenges, primarily to provide a 100% reliable wireless network in an environment that had lots of barriers to a wireless LAN.”

    “Including live overhead cables criss-crossing the site, screen locations in metal clad buildings and moving rail stock. However collaboration with a specialist supplier ensured a successful installation.”

    For further information or to find out how Sabercom can help your organisation, visit or call Martin Brown on 01732 440035 or email