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    Screen & Hardware Installation

    By Sabercom | 15.02.12

    In addition to software, Sabercom provide an end-to-end digital signage solution – including hardware and installation. Check out a recent post by Sabercom’s Martin Brown about screen installation at a London based language school:
    Digital Signage Hardware Installation at London College
    Another digital signage installation completed. This one was at an International Language School and becomes our 4th London college installation.  Our client wanted a large ultra thin screen mounted within view of the main entrance, reception area and waiting room. A big area to cover so the screen needed to be bright and very visible. LED technology was the perfect solution. Thin, bright and energy saving makes the latest LG LED screen perfect for the job (Part No. 47LV355U.AEK for those of you that are interested!)
    The installation date was the same day as the builders were finishing off their snagging list as part of a major reception refit. Finding somewhere safe to unpack and set up a 47″ screen is always a challenge especially with 100’s of students walking by.
    Given the choice, wall mounting screens is the best option. Start lifting ceiling tiles and you never know what you are going to find, and then you’ve got the problem of what to fix the pole to! (this topic will be covered at a later date).
    Simple but effective designed brackets spread the weight of the screen and lets you adjust the tilt and left – right position, so some room for adjustment. Screen supplied with short M8 bolts so these are replaced with longer cap heads.
    This was a new partition wall, and mounting 18kg of hardware securely to just plasterboard isn’t ideal so the builder added a 10mm slice of plywood to add some strength to the wall. Note: the two power and one network points positioned to be accessible and out of sight.
    The line of sight for this project was way back from the entrance door, over 100m away. The idea was to catch the eye of visitors with dynamic content as they came in through the door. Then as they make their way to the reception area they can sit closer to the screen taking in the videos and messaging. All of which was scheduled and targetted by the Communications team.
    There are plans to develop the system across the school with screens in the cafe bar, lobby areas and other high traffic locations.