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    Using a screensaver to communicate with employees

    By Oliver Candy | 12.11.15

    As visual communications experts, we are often approached about our digital signage solutions.  Many people don’t realise that digital signage doesn’t stop at large display screens on the wall.  A screensaver based solution is a great and cost effective way of reaching all desk based employees (it’s also a great way to brand your office space).

    Here are a few of the top reasons to use a screensaver to help with your internal communication:

    Visibility – A room full of screensavers is easily noticeable as you move around the workplace.  A recent example of this was at one of our healthcare customers; The screensaver was so bright and visible, it was disturbing some of the patents at night, so the contrast of the imagery was lowered to soften the effect.  Brighter images and branding could be scheduled during the day and the lower contrast equivalent could be set to appear on screens from 8pm until 8am.

    Non-intrusive – A wiggle of the mouse and the screensaver is gone.  A good solution will also enable you to control this. In the past we have added ‘click to close buttons’ to our screensavers and its also possible to put a delayed timer on the close to ensure staff don’t get to used to dismissing the screensaver without taking note of your important communications campaigns.

    Receptive Employees – The screensaver is showing because the member of staff isn’t using their PC.  Upon returning to their desk employees will be more receptive to any on-screen messages as they are not currently in the middle of something. Think how many times a day you leave your desk for a meeting, tea/coffee break or to use the restroom.  Every time you return to your PC you will be presented with the great content you would like everyone to digest (A tip is to update screensaver content little and often to keep it up to date and to ensure all messages are heard).

    Easily managed – Content can be managed from one central location via a web browser. New communications messages are automatically pushed out to each PC as and when you schedule them to appear.  This should keep IT happy as no more asking them to manually deploy a new screensaver each month!

    Targeted communication – Different areas of the business can have different content streams.  This means that content can be relevant and of interest to each business unit. Internal Comms managers will have sight of all screensaver channels and can push content to every employee PC and separate restricted logins can be created where users may only have access to update content for their one group of PCs.

    Push employees to other channels – Use links to send employees off to other communications channels such as the intranet.  You could even embed an intranet page directly into your screensaver content.

    Cost effective – a great way to get started with digital signage.  No need to procure and install large display screens around your office.  Start out with a screensaver and expand to large display digital signage as and when you have a requirement.  You’ll be half way there as both our screensaver and digital signage can share the same server, content and communications campaigns.  You could even add just one single digital signage screen to your reception waiting area for welcoming visitors.

    Create brand awareness – Nothing reinforces your corporate branding like having an open plan office with 100’s of PCs running one consistent brand compliant message.

    Dynamic content – You can use RSS feeds, intranet pages and other changing or automated content to ensure your screensaver always stays current.

    Screensavers are great for engaging with employees but that’s another blog post all together!

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