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    Why You Need Lobby Digital Signage

    By Oliver Candy | 01.11.22

    When your clients and visitors come through your front door, how do you greet them? If you’re like most offices or businesses, you have no greeting at all—you just expect people to know where to go. The problem with this is that it’s confusing and can make new visitors or clients feel out of place and unwelcome. Digital signage displays in your lobby or reception area are the perfect solution to this issue because they instantly create a welcoming atmosphere that helps people feel comfortable in your office space from the moment they enter the building.  Not only are lobby digital signage displays welcoming, but they utilise the waiting time of your customers to promote your company’s products and services.

    Eye-catching lobby digital signage

    Digital signage is a relatively new way to communicate with your customers. The first thing that should come to mind is, how do I know if I need lobby digital signage? Well, there are many benefits of having digital signage in your lobby. For starters, it’s eye-catching which means that people will be able to see it as soon as they walk into your business and start looking around. Secondly, digital signage can be used for anything including announcements of sales or upcoming events. Finally, it has been said by many experts that having digital signage in your lobby area can increase customer satisfaction because it makes them feel welcome and appreciated when they enter the establishment.

    An easy way to promote your company’s products and services

    Lobby digital signage can be used to promote your products and services. Whether it’s for your reception area or lobby, digital signage is a great way to keep people informed about the latest company news and events. It’s also a great way to increase brand awareness and make potential customers feel welcome from the start of their experience with your company. In addition, this type of marketing technique can be used to provide information about any product you have on hand. For instance, if you sell cars, digital signage can be programmed to give people information about what’s in stock along with details about each vehicle. Not only does digital signage help people find what they’re looking for, but it also lets them know that you want to help them achieve their goals too! In a corporate environment, lobby digital signage can be used to display case studies and success stories to potential clients while they wait for their host to come and greet them.

    Welcoming, without being overt

    Digital signage for Lobby areas can be used to soft sell to your potential customers.  Assuming the average customer spends 4-12 minutes waiting in reception, that is a great window of opportunity to promote your products or upsell.  Have you ever noticed that when a TV is switched on in a room, be it café, bar or even at home, your eyes are automatically drawn to it? With clients sat in reception looking at the screen, you have a captive audience, use their waiting time to your advantage.

    Lobby screens create a professional image

    If you want your company to stand out and make a good first impression on visitors, then digital signage is the way to go. Lobby digital signage can be used as a welcoming tool that provides personalized messages. It can also serve as an excellent branding and marketing tool, reinforcing your company’s identity with every potential customer or guest who passes by. If you have a large space like an office lobby, digital signage will help you take advantage of all that space to promote your business and tell your story so people understand what you do right off the bat.

    Cost effective Digital Signage

    Digital signage helps reduce printing costs because you can display content on a screen, eliminating the need for printing. This also means that you don’t have to worry about running out of your budget too quickly and will be able to continue marketing your business even when it’s slow. As more people are switching over from printed materials to digital versions, businesses who stick with printed material could find themselves going out of business due to lack of demand.  Digital signage is also a cheaper alternative to hiring a full-time receptionist.  Screens can be used for wayfinding and customers can interact with touch screen content to get directions to where they need to be.

    Digital signage is Sustainable

    Providing your guests with a warm and welcoming environment is an excellent way to make them feel at home. This is why many restaurants and hotels will have large screens with images of the menu, specials and advertisements. These screens are known as digital signage. Not only do they promote customer engagement by displaying new products or deals, but they also can be used for anything from live broadcasts to social media posts.

    Digital signage is beneficial for businesses that don’t have a traditional reception area. As soon as someone walks through the door, these displays allow them to immediately see what’s on offer which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and sales opportunities.

    Customisable lobby digital signage

    Digital signage is a great way to get your branding across to visitors and passers-by. This can be accomplished by having your own design on the screen or choosing from an existing template. Templates will match your brand and can be updated regularly.  Digital signage content is also easy to update, meaning that you can change the message on screen as often as you like which will help to engage with your customers.  Different content can be displayed at different times of day or as you audience changes.  Messages can be scheduled in advance of important events or product launches.  To keep your lobby screens current and up to date, content can be brought in automatically from Social media, RSS feeds, web pages and databases.

    Don’t Let Your existing lobby TV Screen Go to Waste

    Many businesses already have television screens in their lobby area. A big screen television can be an expensive investment, especially if you’re only using to display the news or another television channel, but it’s just one of the things your business can use to get the word out about your products and services. Did you know that you can easily turn your existing TV into a lobby digital signage display? This way, you can make better use of this valuable piece of equipment, you can even add more screens at a later date.


    Lobby digital signage is a fantastic way to way to greet and make your customers feel welcome.  Eye-catching screens designed with your company branding are a cost-effective way to promote your products and services in a non-obtrusive and professional manner.