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    Internal Company TV Channel

    By Sabercom | 25.04.19

    Internal Company TV Channel

    Have you ever thought about using TV to communicate with your employees? Even as far back as 2010, BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) reported that the average person watches just over 4 hours of television a day – it seems quite high even then! An internal company TV channel will allow you and your organisation to capitalise on our love of television!

    If you have multiple geographical sites with separate business units where different dialects are a common, it can be difficult to keep employees engaged with your communication campaigns. An internal company TV Channel can help bring these disparate parts of the organisation together using large TV screens in locations where employees congregate – reception areas, lift lobbies, print stations, canteens and break out areas.

    Content is key and you don’t need to be a broadcaster like the BBC or Sky to push out great communications. You can easily schedule video, CEO messages, images, PowerPoint presentations, local weather, and live RSS news feeds. A real mix of company information held together with an attention-grabbing hook like live local news and weather feeds, and employee generated content that is different for each location.

    Managing all this content with so many different communication objectives might sound daunting, but with a pre-set standard for the branding and design company news can be sent out on a daily or weekly basis from a central location. Then to add the local interest content someone at each site can be the designated ‘local news reporter’ who curates content that is relevant to that site’s audience.

    How easy is this to set up? You certainly don’t need one of these

    None of the content is sent out over the airwaves, it’s all done via your existing IT infrastructure. By installing a low cost PC and screen combination at each of the locations and connecting the PCs over the network you have an organisation wide internal company TV Channel that can be managed independently by you via your web browser from the comfort of your own desk – no studio needed!

    One of our customers has done exactly this, click here to download our recent case study or get in touch for a chat, pricing or demonstration.