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    Case Study: Digital Signage for contact centres

    By Sabercom | 21.06.11

    The Client

    Vanquis Bank is part of Provident Financial, a leading UK financial provider. Vanquis Bank operate a 500 seat UK based contact centre. As a responsible lender, Vanquis Bank seek to provide their customers with a credit limit that reflects their needs and availability to manage their account. Effectively a company’s first line of contact with the customer, Vanquis employees have the power to either reinforce or break the brand’s promise every time they interact with a customer or shareholder. Vanquis handles in excess of 11,500 customer calls a day.

    The call centre has five different teams with agents tasked to make and receive calls on their particular specialty: Acquisitions, Fraud, Gold, Collections, Customer Service.

    The Solution

    Improving communication with agents is what UK finance company Vanquis Bank set out to do. In order to reach employees the need for an additional channel was recognised, in which agents could easily access in between calls and would be up-to-date with corporate and departmental messages. In addition, a channel was needed that would clearly show call information to the agents on the floor and highlight when customer calls were queuing. Sabercom Digital Signage was the solution identified to communicate messages by capturing live call statistics and pushing multi-media content through large LCD TV screens situated in each team area. These would allow for messages (without sound) to be displayed around the contact centre whereby agents would be able see, while they are on the phone and also in between calls.

    The Challenge

    There are indeed a number of communication challenges specific to a call centre environment. The main being getting companywide messages to all employees at the right time, says Caroline Stanton, head of employee communications and business support at Vanquis Bank. Stanton emphasizes that for many contact centres, employees tend to work non-traditional hours. “Many work shifts comprised of a late one week and an early the next,” she says. “In addition there are part-timers, weekend-only staff, and then those who only work a few hours in the week and then all day Saturday. Couple this with departments operating different shift hours and it can be a real challenge to deliver communications.”

    Customer Testimonial

    “It would be very difficult to isolate the impact of installing LCD Screens – they are now an essential part of our operation that enables us to track and meet our SLA’s etc. – in fact I’m not sure we could operate effectively without them.” [David Underwood, operations director, Vanquis Bank]

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